New York State Website on Health Care Reform for Consumers

This website includes descriptions of health care reform, how it will benefit New Yorkers, and the progress of implementation in the State. The website also includes information on how residents can obtain health insurance coverage and the public programs already in place in the State. 

Also included on the website are timelines of when specific provisions of health care reform go into effect. Several reforms take effect this year, including an early retiree reinsurance program that will help offset the cost of providing health insurance to retirees age 55 and over who are not eligible for Medicare, and the mailing of rebate checks to Medicare Part D enrollees who reach the "donut hole" coverage gap.

In addition to these resources, the website also includes a list of questions and answers on health care reform and a phone number and email address residents can use to ask additional questions.  The questions and answers list is being continuously updated based on the questions received.  Stakeholder groups are encouraged to share this website with their constituents as a valuable resource to understand federal health care reform and the implementation process in New York.