INFANT MORTALITY REDUCTION INITIATIVE (IMRI) promotes women's health before, during and after pregnancy and the health of newborn infants.  BHL partners with community organizations to provide outreach and referrals to services, health education workshops in English and Spanish, and training for service providers.    

DOING OUR OWN LEARNING & SUPPORT (DOOLAS) offers workshops to young pregnant women on prenatal care, breastfeeding, and other pregnancy issues.

BRONX COMMUNITY RESEARCH REVIEW BOARD (BxCRRB) advocates for Bronx residents by consulting with researchers to encourage them to respect the rights of residents, address community needs, and use data collected to improve health outcomes in the Bronx.  BxCRRB is diligent in its efforts to make research practices fair, ethical and culturally appropriate.  

COMMUNITY HEALTH NEEDS ASSESSMENT (CHNA) gathers and analyzes statistics on Bronx health problems and behaviors, pollution, health care access and services, and  individual traits like race/ethnicity, age, and income.  CHNA conducts research on consumers' and providers' experiences and opinions through focus groups, interviews, surveys and forums.  All data is used to prepare policy recommendations, then shared with hospitals, social service agencies and elected officials, with the goal of improving health care and reducing health inequality in the Bronx.

HEALTHY WOMEN HEALTHY FUTURES (HWHF) program is a citywide initiative whose goal is to promote the health of women, children, and families throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The HWHF program provides FREE birth and post-partum doulas to the women of New York City.