HWHF Doulas

The Healthy Women Healthy Futures (HWHF) program is a citywide initiative whose goal is to promote the health of women, children, and families throughout the five boroughs of New York City. The HWHF program provides FREE birth and post partum doulas to the women of New York City.

What is a birth doula?
A birth doula is a person trained and experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to mothers and their partners before,
during and after childbirth. Doulas assist mom and family in preparing for her birth. They help mom manage her labor and delivery by keeping her comfortable and centered
emotionally, and can assist her in feeding and caring for her newborn in the hospital and at home.

What is a post partum doula?
A post partum doula is trained to help in the transition into new parenthood by providing education, emotional support, and helping out around the house. Post partum
doulas provide services ranging from breastfeeding education to holding the baby so mom can shower. They help the family to take care of mom and to concentrate on
the new baby.

How can you or someone you know get a HWHF Doula?
1. Call the appropriate HWHF partner based on the borough where Mom lives.
2. Someone will take information such as the estimated due date, where Mom is giving birth, and other important information.
3. Based on the information given, Mom will be matched with a Doula who will contact her, set up a meeting, and begin assisting her in preparing for your upcoming birth or in caring for her newborn.

What does a HWHF birth doula do?
Your HWHF birth doula will meet with you before you give birth, will stay with you all throughout your childbirth, and will visit you and your baby in the hospital and at home.

Your HWHF Birth Doula will:
• Help you and your partner navigate the final weeks of pregnancy
• Support you during labor and birth, providing uninterrupted support to you and your partner
• Provide physical support and suggestions to increase comfort during labor and birth
• Work with your doctor or midwife to provide continuous, comprehensive care
• Help you start and continue breastfeeding 
• Connect you with other services that can support you, your baby and your family

Benefits of using a birth doula include:
• Healthier mother
• Healthier baby
• Shorter, easier labor

Your HWHF Post Partum Doula will:
• Provide emotional and physical support to you and your family in the weeks after childbirth
• Share information about newborn care and development
• Help with breastfeeding
• Connect you with other services that can support you, your baby and your family
• Reduce the need for interventions
• Increased breastfeeding

For more information on HWHF or to request free doula services, please contact Michael Ige at mige@bronxhealthlink.org.