Home Visiting Programs (Visitas al domicilio)

Bronx Newborn Home Visiting Program –
NYC Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene
(718) 579-2878 Mon.-Fri., 8 am – 5 pm
 Provides one free home visit by a public health educator to help families obtain needed services, plus extra help with breastfeeding. Available to first-time mothers in the South Bronx, regardless of age or immigration status. Serves people only in zip codes 10451,
10452, 10453, 10454, 10455, 10456, 10457, 10459, 10460, and 10474.
Languages: Translation available in 179 languages.


Nurse-Family Partnership
c/o Visiting Nurse Service
1200 Waters Place, Bronx 10461
(718) 536-3789 Mon.-Fri., 8:30 am - 5 pm
national website: www.nursefamilypartnership.org
Provides free home visits by nurse to a woman during pregnancy and for a child's first two years. Offers education on baby care and parenting. Available to Medicaid-eligible women who are pregnant with their first baby, regardless of age or immigration status.
Women must enroll before 28 weeks of pregnancy.
Languages: Spanish, French, Mandingo, and Bambara.


Visiting Nurse Service of New York
(718) 536-3700 Mon.-Fri., 8:30 am – 4:30 pm
website: www.vnsny.org
Prenatal, postpartum and newborn care, care for children with special needs, general nursing, rehab, and home services (personal care). Services available to anyone, regardless of immigration status, but you must be referred by a medical provider (doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician's assistant).
Languages: Spanish; translation available for other languages.