Medicaid Services for pregnant women (Servicios de Medicaid para mujeres embarazadas)

Through Medicaid Services for Pregnant Women, low income women can get prenatal care, care for the delivery itself, and postpartum care. Their infants can also receive
care. The program also teaches women about how to have a healthy pregnancy and how to care for a baby.

Services include:
• First prenatal visit and evaluation (Primera visita y evaluación prenatal)
• Follow-up prenatal visits, including midwife care (visita de seguimiento prenatal y cuido de partera)
• Health education (Educación de salud)
• Asthma and diabetes self-care training (Entrenamiento personal de asma y diabetes)
• Mental health counseling (in some clinics) (Consejeria de salud mental en algunas clinicas)
• Counseling on quitting smoking (cecasion de fumar)
• Delivery/childbirth (Parto)
• Postpartum care – includes one postpartum visit up to two months after birth (Atención posparto
• Health care for the baby up to the age of one year (Cuido médico del bebé hasta el primer año) 
• Family planning (Planificación familiar)
• Referrals to the Women, Infants & Children (WIC) program (Remisión al WIC)

Listed below are different places in the Bronx that offer Medicaid Services for Pregnant Women. To find the location nearest you, you can call the Growing Up Healthy 24-hour hotline at (800) 522-5006. English and Spanish are spoken on the hotline. Operators can also get translation services for other languages.

Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center
1650 Grand Concourse, 14th floor – Women's Health
Center, Bronx 10457
(718) 518-5290 Languages: English, Spanish

Bronx Health Center of the Community Health
Care Network
975 Westchester Ave., Bronx 10459
(718) 320-6739 Languages: English, Spanish

Jacobi Hospital
1400 Pelham Pkwy. So., Bldg. 8, 3rd fl., Bronx 10461
(718) 918-5523
Languages: English, Spanish, Albanian

Lincoln Medical & Mental
Health Center
234 E. 149th St., Bronx 10451
(718) 579-4900
Languages: English, Spanish

Martin Luther King Jr. Health
1265 Franklin Ave., Bronx 10456
(718) 503-7700 (also located at)
1650 Grand Concourse, Bronx 10457
(718) 518-5085
Languages: English, Spanish

Montefiore Comprehensive Health Care
305 E. 161st St., Bronx 10451
(718) 579-2500
Languages: English, Spanish

Montefiore Medical Family Health Care
360 E. 193rd St., Bronx 10458
(718) 933-2400
Languages: English, Spanish, Cambodian, Vietnamese

Montefiore North/Wakefield
600 E. 233rd St., Bronx 10466
(718) 920-9000 also located at
Montefiore Medical Center
111 E. 210th St., Bronx 10467
(718) 920-4321
Languages: English, Spanish

Morris Heights Health Center
2042 Grand Ave., Bronx 10453
(718) 483-1260 also located at
85 W. Burnside Ave., Bronx 10453
(718) 716-4400 also located at
Women's Health Pavilion
70 W. Burnside Ave., Bronx 10453
(718) 716-4400
Languages: English, Spanish

Montefiore Comprehensive Family Care
1621 Eastchester Rd., Bronx 10461
(718) 405-8040
Languages: English, Spanish

Morrisania Diagnostic and Treatment Center
1225 Gerard Ave., Bronx 10452
(718) 960-2777
Languages: English, Spanish, Creole, Filipino, French 

North Central Bronx Hospital
3424 Kossuth Ave., Rm. 2H03, Bronx 10467
(718) 920-2273
Languages: English, Spanish

Stevenson Family Health Center
731 White Plains Rd., Bronx 10473
(718) 589-8775
Languages: English, Spanish, Hindu, Russian

St. Barnabas Hospital
4422 Third Ave., Bronx 10457
(718) 960-9000 ext. 1669
Languages: English, Spanish

Segundo Ruiz Belvis Diagnostic & Treatment
545 E. 142nd St., Bronx 10454
(718) 579- 1737
Languages: English, Spanish

Tremont Health Center
4215 Third Ave. 2nd Floor, Bronx 10457
(718) 294-5891
Languages: English, Spanish

Union Community Health Center
260 E. 188th St., Bronx 10458
(718) 220-2020 ext. 8778
Languages: English, Spanish

Urban Health Plan
1065 Southern Blvd., Bronx 10459
(718) 589-2440 ext. 4242
Languages: English, Spanish