About Us

The Bronx Health Link is a health education, research, and advocacy agency that engages Bronx residents, healthcare providers, schools, researchers, community-based organizations, and government officials in pursuing better health outcomes for the borough.

Among our activities:

  • We educate borough residents and health care providers about health issues and healthcare options through workshops, conferences, resource centers, surveys, reports, and our daily e-newsletter and website.
  • Since 2001, we have been funded through the City Council's Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative and the New York State's Comprehensive Perinatal and Prenatal Services Network to coordinate networks of health and human service providers in the Bronx.
  • We conceptualized and coordinate the Bronx Community Research Review Board to bridge the gap between researchers and consumers, build trust, and improve research processes and outcomes.
  • We do community-based research to develop policy recommendations and work with other organizations to advocate for health equity and social justice through testimony, letters, legislative visits, and action alerts.
  • In order to give voice to the community's needs and concerns, we participate in numerous workgroups, advisory boards and task forces.