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              About the BxCRRB 

The Bronx Community Research Review Board (BxCRRB) is a group of Bronx residents representative of this borough's diversity that volunteer to review proposals by academic research to make sure the interests of the community are being considered and respected.

The BxCRRB vision is to bridge the gap between researchers and Bronx residents in order to build trust and improve the quality of life for all Bronxites. 

1. Review research proposals to ensure they address the culture, language, values, and perspectives in the Bronx. 2. Educate ourselves on current health issues, ethics, developments, and other research findings on the Bronx. 3. Collaborate with community residents and stakeholders by facilitating meetings on health concerns in the Bronx. 4. Present to community boards, hospitals, and other centers on community-engaged research.

         Contact Us

The BxCRRB meets on a monthly basis. If you are interested contact us at 1-718-590-2965 or