Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (IMRI)

Program Mission

IMRI is a citywide program, funded by the City Council, that promotes women's health before, during and after pregnancy. It improves outcomes for infants and reduces infant mortality, preterm births, low birth weight and the racial and ethnic differences in who is most affected.

Program Activities

BHL coordinates the IMRI programs of 7 like-minded Bronx organizations:

This network provides Bronx women with outreach and referrals to services,  health education workshops, case management services, and access to health insurance and social service programs.  

BHL itself delivers consumer workshops, provider trainings, conferences on current issues, City Council testimony, and needs assessments on Bronx maternal and infant health.

Program Evaluations

An independent program evaluation in 2012 concluded that the IMRI program is successfully targeting and serving sizable numbers of young women of color.  IMRI uses strategies with evidence from other programs that they can be effective in reducing birth weights, preterm births and infant mortality.
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