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BHL relies on Bronx residents as volunteers for its community events, health fairs, focus groups, and research projects.  BHL is always seeking more volunteers with strong voices to help achieve our goals. 

College students, both undergraduate and graduate, can apply for Student Internships.  They will assist BHL staff with research, writing , online outreach, community outreach and health promotion programs.  Simultaneously, they will  learn valuable lessons about the world of healthcare in the Bronx.  For information on this volunteer opportunity, contact

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Bronx County is moving along the road to recovery from some of the worst health conditions in New York State.  

This place you call home -- where you work, play, and raise your family – is striving to heal residents who suffer from chronic, poor health.   According to Bronx County Indicators for Tracking Public Health Priority Areas,

  •  63% of Bronx adults and 83% of Bronx children suffer asthma-related hospitalizations. 
  • Drug-related hospitalizations in the Bronx are 68%.
  • Newly diagnosed HIV cases in the Bronx are 54%.
  • Pregnancy rates among Bronx females, ages 15-17, are 65%.

 Bronx Health Link is a leading advocate in this healing process, not as a doctor or hospital, but as a fifteen-year-old community-based organization with a record of stimulating health improvements in the Bronx.

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We define ourselves as a Bronx-based health education, research, and advocacy organization.  We link residents like you with health and human service providers, researchers, schools and policy makers.  We collect and disseminate critical health care information.  We advocate for positive policy changes in public health systems and institutions.

 Above all, we believe that with the right information at the right time, you can take control of your own health.  

That's exactly what happened to this workshop participant"I had an emergency C-section due to my high blood pressure.  Because of what I learned at three Bronx Health Link workshops, I recognized my symptoms were dangerous and I went quickly to the ER.  My doctor told me that had I waited any longer, both my baby and I could have died.  This shows how important it is for women to have knowledge and what a difference the Bronx Health Link can make."

The New York City Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative (IMRI) is one of our signature programs and representative of the quality of the work we do.  Over the last six years, 20,350 Bronx women have benefited from these culturally competent, multilingual services delivered by IMRI agencies:

  • Outreach, workshops, screening and service referrals;
  • Case management for difficult pregnancies;
  • Conferences, trainings, newsletters with the latest information.

 Research now shows the factors leading to premature births, low birth weight, and birth defects begin long before the actual pregnancy.   Conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking, and poor diet can lead to health complications for babies and mothers.

So we now reach and give special attention to young men and women through workshops and candid conversations on healthy behaviors before conception and pregnancy.

The key to empowering you with the information you need to take control of your health comes from our Bronx Community Health Needs Assessment – a Bronx health report card withdata collected on disease rates, heath care access, and population characteristics.  We use surveys, focus groups and interviews to collect information from residents too.

From this Assessment comes information you can use to gauge and improve your personal health.  It also forms the basis of important policy recommendations to improve health care access and quality in the Bronx.

All of our efforts are designed to accelerate the healing of the Bronx.  Please remember our work has a very human face.  So do those, like you, who reach out to help others who are in need of healing.

Thank you for your helping us change health conditions in the Bronx.

The Bronx Health Link is a 501(c)(3) organization.  Membership contributions are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law. Our Federal Tax ID: 13-4045022.